The Cuisenaire Company is a family business.
Originally founded by Dr Caleb Gattegno in 1954,  it is now run by the third generation of the family;  Jake Hollyfield and Michaela Hollyfield, the grandchildren of Dr Gattegno.

The Company is now based in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire in West Wales. The business moved here in 2007. It had been based in Reading until that time, mainly at 11 Crown Street.
We have been supplying rods from our base in Wales to people all over the world, and are still supplying schools all over the country.

We are a small family business and so we ask that if you want to order Cuisenaire rods for your school, or personal use, that you order from our shop directly. If you have any queries either contact us through our contact form or call us on 01348 874890, or email sa***@cu********.uk