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"There is no mathematics resource like Cuisenaire rods. Having used them over many years with learners from the age of 3 to adult I have become aware how they make the relationship between numbers visible and often beautiful. This affords all learners a deep level of understanding that comes from familiarity with the rods over time. The realisation that any rod can stand for any quantity is a revelation and opens up exploration in complex areas of mathematics for children"

Dr Helen J Williams
co-author of Cuisenaire: Early Years to Adult

Helen J Williams

"These deceptively simple looking rods are an incredible tool to help pupils quite literally grip mathematical  ideas. From number bonds to arithmetic, fractions, sequences, algebraic expressions, factorising quadratics and so much more. It is the one physical manipulative I insist all my tutees get hold of, even if the rest are virtual. Every school level mathematics educator should learn how to teach using this sophisticated and elegant manipulative."

Atul Rana
online tutor

Atul Rana

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