Words in Colour is a system for teaching the reading and writing of English to learners who are English speakers.
This system was invented by Caleb Gattegno in 1962, nowadays it might be known as a synthetic phonics method of language teaching.
All of the different sounds of the English language are grouped into colour. The students are taught through a pedagogical method called the subordination of teaching to learning.
If you go to the literacy section of our shop you will find all of the materials needed for Teaching with Words in Colour.
The published materials provide a course of study designed to bring beginning readers through a mastery of reading and writing to a study of the structure of the language.
The books for teachers give elaborate advice on how this may suitably be presented either to meet the needs of children in their first year at school or alternatively to stimulate enthusiasm in slower readers at the junior or secondary school level or indeed with non-readers at any age beyond school.

Our sister company in America, Educational Solutions Worldwide Inc have reprinted and remarketed Gattegno's Words in Colour and Silent Way Materials. Their website contains important and informative videos which explain the uses of these methods simply. The button below will take you to their website.

The Silent Way is a method of teaching foreign languages to learners. It was introduced by Dr Gattegno in 1963 in his book 'Teaching Foreign Languages in Schools'.
It makes use of silence as a teaching method. The teacher elicits sounds from the students from a mixture of signs and gestures, which focusses the students attention, encourages them to correct their own mistakes and pronunciation as fundamental to the method.
We have Silent Way materials in English, French and Spanish.
There are language schools using this method today for teaching foreign languages to learners. Click on the buttons below to access their websites and courses, and click on the pdf button for more information on the Silent Way .