For The Teaching of Mathematics Volume III



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In this the third and subsequently final book in this series, (the proposed fourth volume was never printed), Gattegno concentrates in Part 4 on Elementary Mathematics. There are twenty thought provoking articles written during the years after the author first met Georges Cuisenaire in 1952 which reflect the significance of the invention of the rods and discuss their more pedagogical aspects. Gattegno states in the preface of this book that: There is no doubt for me that the work that started when Cuisenaire came on the scene is the most hopeful sign for a true adjustment of educational techniques to the state of our knowledge of mathematics today and to the subordination of teaching to learning.

Dr Caleb Gattegno

First published 1963 Educational Explorers Ltd

isbn 0 85225 613 2 Paperback 128 pages

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