Latin by Stave Analysis



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LATIN BY STAVE ANALYSIS proposes a practical linguistic approach that the author believes can lead to fluent understanding of ancient literature. The book deals specifically with the Latin language, but it will be obvious to the reader that the approach will be applicable to the teaching of Greek and other inflected languages. The approach is not entirely theoretical, nor is it untried. In the course of his researches, the author gave Latin passages to eight hundred pupils of fourth and fifth form level to test the hypothesis that to supply all the meanings in English of Latin words would lead to correct translations. The results suggested that here was a misconception masquerading as a fact. The author gives other examples of misconceptions, and states that Stave Analysis does not hold better, or more accurate, translations as a sufficient end in itself. Stave Analysis is a means of teaching the learner ultimately to read Latin with appreciation. LATIN BY STAVE ANALYSIS stems directly from Harry Schofield’s career as a teacher and a lecturer in education. Following an Open Exhibition in Classics to Emmanuel College, Cambridge (1949-52), Manchester University (1952-53) Teacher’s Diploma with Distinction, Mr Schofield taught Classics in three Grammar schools, in two of these as Senior Classics Master. In 1964 he became Senior Lecturer in Education, Bolton College of Education (Technical). 1966 brought the M. Ed. degree and in 1967 Mr Schofield joined the Bognor College of Education.

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