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One of history’s greatest thinkers in education, Dr. Caleb Gattegno, would have turned 100 in 2011. His highly effective approaches to teaching mathematics, foreign languages, and reading radically altered the traditional role of the teacher from someone who attempts to transmit knowledge, to a masterful and even silent guide who allows and encourages students to be producers of their own knowledge and skill.

These are the stories of those who have taken up the Gattegno challenge. They are stories of tough career choices, unusual working conditions, transformation, inspiration, and ultimately joy in working with and doing the work of a genius who has been compared to the paradigm-changing likes of Copernicus.

The Gattegno Effect is a collective memoir published as part of the worldwide celebrations commemorating the 100th anniversary since Dr. Gattegno’s birth. It contains the stories of people connected with Gattegno and his work over the past five decades.

Submissions were received from 19 countries, 6 continents, and in 11 languages (accompanied by English translations). The book also serves as a valuable record of Dr. Gattegno’s monumental contributions to education; containing full-color images of rarely seen archival material and artifacts.

There is also a complete bibliography. Dr. Caleb Gatttegno understood that we are inherently gifted with remarkable powers of self-learning. Awareness and use of these powers is fundamental to the full expression of what it means to be human. To gain control of these powers, Gattegno saw the need to radically transform education. Educators everywhere took up his challenge and these are their inspiring stories of being at the forefront of nothing less than the re-invention of education itself.

Title: The Gattegno Effect – 100 Voices on One of History’s Greatest Educators
Authors: More than 100
Published 2011 Color, 361 Pages, Softcover
ISBN 978-0-87825-344-9
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