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A celebratory edition of the classic set of Cuisenaire Rods. We have a limited number of these sets for sale.

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Original price was: £60.00.Current price is: £42.00.

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This is a limited edition Cuisenaire Set made exclusively for our 70th Anniversary. It celebrates the early version of the Cuisenaire Rods which had a blue lid.

30% discount throughout May 2024. Applied at checkout.

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This set of rods is the one designed by Georges Cuisenaire for the study of mathematics. It can be shared by more than one pupil but the contents represent the minimum that should be available for that purpose. In a classroom where many pupils are to be equipped with rods, then the mini set (see Ref.153p) will serve. In instances where the child works alone the International Set is preferable. Code: Ref.152p

Contents: 300 Plastic Cuisenaire® Rods:

Quantity Length Colour

108 x 1 cm white
50 x 2 cm red
36 x 3 cm light green
28 x 4 cm pink (purple)
20 x 5 cm yellow
16 x 6 cm dark green
14 x 7 cm black
12 x 8 cm tan (brown)
12 x 9 cm blue
10 x 10 cm orange
Box dimensions: 293x207x23 mm



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