The Science of Education Part 1: Theoretical Considerations



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In this first part of the three-part Science of Education series, Gattegno introduces the Subordination of Teaching to Learning and the science behind successful learning. He challenges traditional teaching methods, which rely on the memory of students, and proposes educating the awareness of students instead. He asks teachers to know “that they are persons with a will and that their students are persons with a will, and that in an individual, the will is the source of change.”

“The first hints that there was a possibility of looking at education as a field of study that could ultimately become as legitimate a science as others have been, came forth soon after 1940. The central point was that awareness, which has permitted all the sciences to find their rightful places, could become aware of itself. In the years that followed, a number of research undertakings produced opportunities to gather evidence that gave the initial intuition a body of facts which established the foundations for that science and the openings for its technology.

The decisive shift that there was a basis for suggesting to the public that a science of education could be developed came with the clear awareness that only awareness is educable in Man. . . .

In this book, the work done with students of all ages . . . is only implicit. It is that work which provided the evidence needed to catch the subtle and invisible tasks of awareness and its workings, dynamics that became the source of the theoretical considerations presented here.”

– Caleb Gattegno

Title: The Science of Education Part 1: Theoretical Considerations
Author: Caleb Gattegno
Second Edition (212 Pages)
ISBN 978-0-87825-192-6
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