For The Teaching Of Mathematics Volume I



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In this book Gattegno has put together a collection of articles published in journals between 1947 and 1963. In the introduction he states: For the teaching of mathematics to be done properly, we need to become more concerned with complex and multivalent thinking rather than with simple classifications, univalent proofs and systems of axioms; we need to develop the concepts that describe the realities we are working on and with; and I believe that the work I have done, described in part in these chapters, is a contribution towards meeting these needs which I know to be the needs of all teachers and not of myself alone. This book specifically concentrates in Part 1 on Mathematics and the child, and in Part 2 on Pedagogical discussions.

Dr Caleb Gattegno

First published 1963 Educational Explorers Ltd isbn 0 85225 611 6 Paperback 105 pages

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