Reading with Words in Colour



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Reading with Words in Colour by Dr Caleb Gattegno.
This volume is the third Teachers’ Book about Words in Colour written by Dr Gattegno.
It first appeared in 1969 and it replaced the first Teachers’ Guide published with the pilot edition of Words in Colour in 1962.
In this enlarged text the author has added substantially to his proposals for the classroom application of Words in Colour.
A further six or more years of work with students of different age groups and with different needs as learner readers has brought to the experience of a critical and scientific educator a wealth of clarification about what learners need to do to achieve mastery of the skills of reading.
The course of study that this book describes in detail ranges from beginning to read to a study of the structure of the language.
At each new stage the changing nature of the tasks to be encountered is discussed and teachers will see in this guide to the approach how this constant reviewing of the task is reflected in the materials that balance growth in complexity with development in ability.

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