Teaching with Words in Colour



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This book is an introduction to teaching with Words in Color American English (as opposed to British English), and will guide you through how to teach all the sounds and spellings found in Reading Primers R0 & R1.

In the first section, you will be introduced to some basic characteristics of the approach, and given some simple activities to help get familiar with the materials. The second and third section will take you through Reading Primers R0 & R1 — introducing appropriate teaching techniques and games along the way. The fourth section is a toolbox of teaching techniques and games for various levels of reading, which you can use during R0 & R1, or afterwards into Reading Primers R2 and R3. Based on the works of Dr. Caleb Gattegno, including: Notes For Parents, ©1979

Title: Teaching with Words in Color: Lesson Guides, Techniques, GamesCompiled by Educational Solutions Worldwide Inc. with contributions by Amy LoganFirst Edition (149 pages)

ISBN 978-0-87825-154-4

Copyright © 2010 Educational Solutions Worldwide Inc.

This book incorporates ‘Teachers’ Notes for The Study of Spelling’ and ‘Hints on How to Help Your Children Work Well’ which focus on the use of the English Language Fidel in the teaching of Words in Colour.

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