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The Set of Wordcharts.

Words in Colour is a system for teaching the reading and writing of English to learners who are English speakers. The published materials provide a course of study designed to bring beginning readers through a mastery of reading and writing to a study of the structure of the language.

The books for teachers give elaborate advice on how this may suitably be presented either to meet the needs of children in their first year at school or alternatively to stimulate enthusiasm in backward readers at the junior or secondary school level or indeed with non-readers at any age beyond school.

On these charts is presented an arrangement of words which between them use almost every sound in the English language, and many of the different spellings for these sounds.

The charts form a numbered sequence; the first introduces the signs for 5 vowel sounds; the next introduces 4 consonants and gives 30 of the words that can be made using the 9 signs available so far. Chart number 3 brings further signs and additional words, as in turn do each of the 21 charts in the set.The order in which new signs are introduced and the range of the vocabulary used in the charts keeps pace with the development of work in the pupils materials.

The 21 charts make use of more than forty different colours. They are printed by a four colour process on heavyweight Art Board. Dimensions 575mm x 428mm isbn 0 8522 550 04

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