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This Starter Pack is perfect for those that have no previous experience using Cuisenaire Rods.


Starter Pack B comprises:
Cuisenaire International Set containing 304 rods, a set of six Workbooks with more than 1400 questions plus Mathematic Textbook 1,  ‘Now Johnny Can Do Arithmetic’ (2019 reprint).
This is a text prepared for readers who may not be specialist mathematicians but who wish to study the Cuisenaire-Gattegno approach.
It introduces and treats in simple terms the four operations; HCF and LCM; fractions; powers and further elementary topics that can be studied with the rods.
Also included is the Newcomer’s Guide to the Cuisenaire Rods.

VAT is charged only on VAT-able items – the Rods and the Workbooks, not the textbooks.

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